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We asked and You gave - Thank you!

Malawi has been het yet again by another cyclone which arrived in March 2022, called Gumbo. Unfortunately Gumbo caused damage to communities in the Southern parts of Malawi. However, the response to our request for funds to support flood victims has been incredible, as have the reactions of our team on the ground who have quickly put together support packages of food and household utensils, buckets, blankets etc. They have also targeted those in need through village elders and social workers, who will know who is in most need.

Thanks so much for your support. It is really very welcome and very helpful. And we have been able to help those who may well not have been helped by the larger aid agencies.

This is a really tough time of year for many Malawians who will be close to or at the end of their maize harvested from last year, whilst they wait for the current year's crop to ripen; harvest is imminent but not quite there yet. Hence if they have lost everything through flooding they will be in desperate need.

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