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Community Projects

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Malawi continues to suffer from deforestation on account of the shortage of locally available cooking fuel.   The Nchima Trust continues to strive in developing sustainable fuel sources for school kitchens and lighting. 


Solar energy, wind and methane production from bio-waste are the main candidates under consideration.  If you happen to have specific expertise in such areas, please do get in touch.  

Flood Relief Project - Sonjika

In 2017, there was fantastic community participation at Sonjeka, which is an hour by car off the main Mulanje road. The village is situated on the Ruo River which divides Malawi from Mozambique. The previous year in the spring, the river flooded the village resulting in the loss of over 150 lives along with houses and belongings.

Nchima Trust helped to move the villagers to higher ground with financial support for the rebuilgng of homes and a supply of "post and pans". Further to this and later, we decided to drill a borehole to supply clean drinking water.


Rocks, sand and stones were brought to the site and the land was donated by Mr Montford. Nchima supplied cement and contracted with the borehole driller.


Chief Sonjeka and his committee, along with the local Counsellor, Mr Felix Manjowa and Dr Namba were present at a ceremony to thank Nchima and celebrate the success of all who those who contributed to the borehole.  

The community (under the chief) set up a maintenance fund and a village development committee (VDC). Users will pay MK200 initially and then MK50/month (about 16p). 

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