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Nchima Trust work with other charities to best serve the communities of Malawi. Our valued partners are shown below

in alphabetical order...

Medulawi is a Dutch charity, which aims to improve Medical care and Education for children in Malawi. In order to achieve its mission, Medulawi Foundation provides funding for:

  • School fees and further professional education for children whose families are unable to pay.

  • Hiring of additional medical personnel in existing hospitals.

  • Materials to equip hospitals or schools

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A student grant organisation, Passo Fundo eV is a non-profit association based in Münster, Germany. It supports financially needy, talented young people in Brazil, Kenya and Malawi with a scholarship for university studies.

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Tiyeni is a small UK charity organisation, operating in all 3 regions of Malawi. The Tiyeni office is situated in Mzuzu, northern Malawi.


With help from Tiyeni and little more than pickaxes and some training, thousands of farmers have dramatically increased their crop yields from one harvest to the next - with long-lasting results.

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