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The Trust continues to rely very heavily upon its local volunteers for its activities and would not be able to function effectively without their enthusiasm, foresight and dedication. 


Frank, Rosena, James and Diekens adopt specific roles within Malawi whilst Robin Broadhead and Dennis Davidson provide strategic support where necessary.  In the UK, Jose Quinn works tirelessly in her management of the board, the accounts and the regulatory obligations of the charity.   Needless to say, additional  support from Nchima alumni and friends of Nchima is greatly appreciated.

Nchima Volunteers


Honorary Secretary & Treasurer - Josie Quinn
Sharifin C. Gardiner

Corinna Pyman

Philippa Hayes
Jeannette Heikens
Dr Matthew Scarborough

Chair - Alastair Scarborough  ( +44 7768 35 65 79)



Frank Mkhumba

Rosena Kazembe

James Kambawiri

Diekens Binali

Dr Robin Broadhead

Dennis Davidson

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