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Cyclone Freddy

It is with regret that Cyclone Freddy hit Southern Malawi on March 13th 2023. It was only in January 2022 that Cyclone Ana hit the same area with similar ferocity. A very good harvest had been anticipated, much of which was destroyed overnight. Nchima will wait to plug a few gaps that the major agencies cover. Whilst they are very good they cannot be expected to look after all those who have been affected and Nchima aims to support of few of those who are not beneficiaries of the major agencies. We have put some videos on this website simply to show the force of water and the extent of the damage it can cause. In practice this is an unnecessary and deeply saddening tragedy. In theory this is only preventable by a radical approach to global warming. Africa is the last continent to blame for global warning and yet incidents like this one are becoming more frequent. Any help you are able to provide will be gratefully received and wisely spent. Thank you.

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