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The Nchima Trust only provides funds for projects within Malawi. Donations are presently concentrated on supporting bright and talented Malawians who come from underprivileged backgrounds, through secondary school and college or university.

Donations are targeted and monitored carefully. On the ground in Malawi we have a several volunteers who ensure that all funding is spent appropriately. The volunteers meet student beneficiaries regularly to obtain feedback on their progress.

We try very hard to ensure that as much of the money we spend, is spent on beneficiaries. We minimise administrative expenses. We are very lucky to have a number of volunteers (some ex Nchima beneficiaries) on the ground in Malawi and a vehicle for transport.

Nchima’s early operations were in the Thyolo and Blantyre districts in the Southern Region of Malawi. Later the Trust extended its activities to meet the needs of individuals and communities throughout the country.

We focus heavily on the education of young women and girls and our innovative school feeding project (see Page 2 – Ntambanyama) which has been running well for a few years, initiated and supported by Sibford School (Oxon) and now funded by Medulawi, has had a very significant impact upon pass rates for girls at schooling age.

By way of example, we once had a 15 year old orphan referred to us. He had no family to support him and found work on a farm. He was a good worker but once the farmer discovered that he was below the legal age of employment, he had no choice but to dismiss him. Feeling that the boy deserved more, the farmer made contact with the Nchima Trust volunteer in Malawi and within a fortnight the boy had been found a good boarding school and we dropped him off at the school with a blanket, soap, toothpaste and other essentials. 3 weeks later he called to say how happy he was and asked for his bus fare to the school football match as he had been selected for the school’s first eleven!

We also support a deep bed farming education scheme run by and from time to time we implement capital projects such as buildings and boreholes.


Our presence, reputation and network of supporters on the ground enable the Trust to react quickly and effectively and to follow up.

The Nchima (pronounced ‘Encheema’) Trust is a small charity, originally founded in 1962. Since then we have supported hundreds of  young people through school and university, ultimately enabling them to improve society in their homeland...

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