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Following on from Hurricane Ana in 2022 we are once again raising funds for the flood victims of Cyclone Freddy.
Your help is urgently required! Your very generous donations have already made a HUGE difference.
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A source of help for the

people of Malawi

Sadly we are once again appealing for help supporting flood, this time for victims of Cyclone Freddy which has just passed
through Malawi in March 2023

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All Videos
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NT support to Freddy Victims-2023-05-17-06-25-50

NT support to Freddy Victims-2023-05-17-06-25-50

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Shire River

Shire River

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How will we help?

Right now (March  2023) the major agencies are setting up camps and there are 60 of these for displaced Malawians. Significant amounts of aid and support will targeted at areas most affected.

However, there will be some areas that are not so fortunate. Nchima Trust's team in Malawi will identify 2 or 3 areas without support, but in dire need and support will provided.

Our Valued Partners

...and priorities for 2022

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

Malawi remains one of the poorest nations in the world and relies on continuous investment in its people to progress to self-sustainability.


Nchima, with its partner charities Medulawi (Netherlands) and Passofundo Studienforderung (Germany), supports talented under privileged Malawians primarily through education. Given the absence of a social security system, many Malawians are reliant upon family for fees. Hence our support to young people from the poorest of backgrounds is intended to generate maximum impact on poverty. 

We work very closely with our European partners and have changed processes and levels of accountability as a result of out collaboration. All students in further education now provide us with reports of the academic progress and community engagement activities. This has allowed much greater insight into the daily lives of our beneficiaries and enabled us to adjust some of our decisions and policies. 

We have a very strong and dedicated team on the ground in Malawi and are certain that the support is directed to those who are most likely to benefit.  

We are most grateful for the efforts of our Malawi team along with those of the tireless Josie Quinn who coordinates all our financial and administrative activities from the UK. We are also very grateful for the support received from our partner charities, not only the financial support but the time taken to support student administration.

We shall continue to strive to improve the lives of young Malawians, mainly through education. 

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