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 Charity worker lands a national award

Friday 16 April 2004 Wiltshire Times

Charity worker lands a national award

A WOMAN from Bradford on Avon has won a national award for her work with a charity in Malawi.

Ann Scarborough was named the first ever Woman of the Year by the National Women's Register at its national conference in Swansea earlier this month.

Mrs Scarborough has been a member of the Bradford Women's Register since 1977.

She first went to Malawi in the 1950s when her husband was posted there and got involved with the work of the Nchima Trust.

Since then she has become a trustee organising the distribution of supplies and funds in southern Malawi and travels there from Bradford for two months a year.

She said: "The projects the Nchima Trust run are all to do with health, education, rural credit for women and orphans.

"I came back from my last trip just before Easter and it was nice to come back to find I'd won the award."

Her son is a doctor in a hospital in Malawi, facing the trials of managing medicine in a third world country every day.

Mrs Scarborough said: "We cannot solve the whole problem ­ but in the little part of the country that our support goes it is making a difference."

Chairman of the Bradford NWR group Christine Cordey said: "She does brilliant work and is simply a brilliant person. It's great for her to be rewarded for all the work she does."



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