Fuel Saving (Rocket) Stoves

 Fuel Saving Stoves


Moyo House

We have taken delivery of four fuel saving stoves. Two went to Ann Davidson and Margarite Sacranie for their orphan feeding programmes. The other two went to Moyo House, the Nutritional Rehabilitation Unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Blantyre. These stoves are slightly different to the original ones but are very practical in that they have two cooking pots per stove a 50lt pot and an 80 lit pot. Each has its own fire box so only one or both can be used, again saving on fuel when large amounts are not needed. Prices are available on the How it Helps link Gifts page.

The pots are made in Mulanje so are easy to obtain and we will continue to donate for what we hope will be a lengthy period. In the pictures you can see the staff at Moyo House with the cooking pots and the children who benefit from the food cooked in them. Moyo House is part of Queen Elizabeth hospital where malnourished children with their mothers or carers go to be fed and trained in nutrional feeding.

Moyo House Moyo House Moyo House