Ndi Moyo Clinic

 Ndi Moyo Clinic

During a visit in 2007 to Malawi, Rosalind Richards, Josie Quinn, and Janet Hanlon, our Malawi representative, visited Ndi Moyo Palliative Care Centre based on the shores of Lake Malawi at Salima. It is run by Lucy and Tony Finch and gives palliative care for people living with HIV/ AIDS. Ndi Moyo is funded by its own charity, which is based in UK.

The Nchima Trust has helped by supplying Ndi Moyo with drugs via our IDA consignment and latterly arranged for a supply of Vincristine: a basic drug used for treatment of HIV cancer and which is often either in very short supply or unobtainable locally. Ndi Moyo covers an area 20km radius from the clinic visiting patients in outlying villages who cannot get into the clinic. The basic treatment is given at Salima Government hospital then on-going care is given at Ndi Moyo.

We thoroughly enjoyed a tour of Lucy's herb garden which is becoming well established. Lucy explained that lack of drugs meant she often had to turn to herbal remedies when standard drugs were unobtainable. The Nchima Trust is also helping Ndi Moyo by paying school fees for orphaned children.


Ndi Moyo Clinic Salima

Lucy Finch in the dispensary at Ndi Moyo showing us the
drugs donated by Nchima Trust

The Herb Garden at Ndi Moyo

Waiting room at Nid Moyo all the patients get a cup of
tea and a bun whilst they wait

Lucy and her youngest patient