Friends of Sick Children

 Friends of Sick Children

In October of 2007 we met with Elizabeth Molyneux, Professor of Paediatrics at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She gave us a tour of the children's wards, the special care baby units and the Kangaroo care unit. Many of the wards had been renovated and looked bright and clean and the children although in hospital were bright alert and cheerful. It was lovely to see. We saw in use the incubators we had supplied and the oxygen concentrator that had been given to them by NT through a donation of Friends of Malawi. The new kangaroo care unit was well used and the mothers and babies all looked happy and content.

Friends of Sick Children employs 53 staff in the paediatric unit, of which 39 are nurses. Nchima Trust gives funding for 5 of these nurses and 3 cleaners. FOSC nurses work along side Malawi government nurses but are paid for by FOSC.

During our tour of the hospital we were shown the schoolroom where older children have lessons, this needed renovating. Nchima Trust agreed to fund this and is expected to cost about £500. We also donated 2 tea urns for use in the staff room and Kangaroo Care unit.


Prof. Elizabeth Molyneux

Mother & Grandmother with a twin each

New mum in kangaroo care unit

One of the childrens wards at Queen Elizabeth

In hospital but still smiling

Oxygen Concentrator like the one we donated. Ours was in use in the intensive care unit.