Comboni Technical Centre



October 2007 ~ Comboni Technical Centre Lunzu


Comboni Technical Center has 47 residential students, four of which are girls training to be electricians. In addition there are a further 40 students in work placement. Courses are 2 years in college, and 6 months in work experience and cover carpentry, welding, metalwork and electrical skills. Brother Gilbert Petersen, the Principle of the college, is dedicated to the education and well-being of the students and does a fantastic job. Comboni has a good reputation throughout the surrounding district for producing trades people who are skilled and competent.

The growth and improvement at Comboni is enormous. They have created what in effect is a well run, well supervised technical school. The care and welfare of their students is paramount, although a Catholic Mission it accepts students from all denominations and at the moment has many faiths including 2 Moslem students.


Comboni Campus

Bro. Gilbert Peterson Principle Comboni

Doors made at Comboni

Baby chair

Furniture and Handbags


Linda: electrician student


September 2006 ~ Comboni Technical Centre Lunzu


Redson Ndala ~ Sheet metal work
Chiringa - Philombe
The Craft Training Centre based in Lunzu Southern Malawi is a Technical School created, developed, organised and managed by Comboni Missionaries. The Principle is Bro. Gilbert Petersen who in collaboration with local staff runs the centre with great success and efficiency. CTC is a non profitable organisation, which works towards building a better future for the youth of Malawi, offering them training in technical and human skills. The Nchima Trust has funded students at CTC for many years now and have seen many students leave CTC with a qualification they would have been unable to get any where else. Each student leaving CTC will have benefited from two years formal training in carpentry & joinery or metal work & electrical skills leading to government trade tests certificates. The human formation side of the course covers topics such as self-knowledge, group dynamics, civil education, human rights, Education in Democracy
Sheet metal workshop
and ethics of work. Without Bro Gilbert and his staff many of the students leaving CTC would have gone through life with no qualification at all.

In 2005 Bro Gilbert came to us with a proposal for a Job Creation Project through a micro credit enterprise thus enabling students to earn a living, sustain their families and contribute to the development of their country. To attain this objective the administration of CTC set up the project by establishing small workshops run by students in different parts of the country. To put this project in operation Bro. Gilbert needed £2500 which the Trust donated. Students put forward for consideration are allowed a loan determined by the costs of the tools they will need to set up in business it can range from £290.00 for Redson Ndala

The workshop also provides employment for others
to set up a Metal Work Shop in Chiringa Phalombe. To £250 for Alex Chakhumata & Moses Ndalapa to set up a Carpentry Workshop in Nchalo Chikwawa. These are just two of the new start up loans. Bro Gilbert reports that he now has five students in the job creation programme. All are doing well and managing to earn a living, support their families and re pay their start up loans. Generated funds from loan repayments go to more start up workshops. A huge success story for Bro Gilbert, CTC staff and Nchima Trust.




Alex Chakhumata
Carpentry Workshop
Nchalo Chikwawa
Moses Ndalapa
Carpentry Workshop
Nchalo Chikwawa