Blantyre Medical College



December 2007 ~ Medical College Blantyre


Robin Broadhead
We had an excellent visit to the Medical college and met all the Nchima Trusts medical students, pre-med students and lab technician student. Professor Robin Broadhead should be congratulated for having the vision and foresight to instigate such a worthwhile establishment.

The Medical School buildings have been funded by donations mainly from Norway & Sweden they are equal to any university campus anywhere in the world. The college was started as a result of a crisis in the lack of doctors. In 1991 20 doctors were trained, in 2007 there are 60 trained students finishing, 15 pharmacists and 16 medical laboratory technicians.

The medical school recently started a premed course because of a lack of suitable students. It is an intensive A level course designed to bring students up to the standard required for entry into medical school. Falling standards in government schools meant students were leaving school with out the minimum level for entry to medical school. For entry to the pre med course students must have a minimum 60% pass in biology, english & maths and they then have to pass an aptitude test. The premed is not a university course therefore it has to be funding privately hence the huge fee MK250000 - £1000 for the course as opposed to MK25000 - £100 per year for medical students. The students have to be a minimum age of 17 years and there are no exceptions.

The college eventually aims to run its own postgraduate course and has invested heavily in IT to facilitate this. We asked the students if they all had internet access and were told there was no problem they all had as much computer and internet access as they needed and unlike Chancellor College it was all free.

We met all our students. There are 4 who will be starting their 5th and final year in January. These are students who have been sponsored by Sue Edwards and Graham Ruthin. Judith wants to do emergency medicine, Kondwani wants to do orthopaedics, Eltas surgery, Jerome oncology, Yasin a 2nd year student wants to do cardiology and James who is in his 1st year hasn't decided yet. In addition to the medical students there is Danford who is a 1st year Lab technician.


Pre Med students Left to Right: Cornelio, Grifford, Wisdom, Raymond, Newton, Arno


5th year student and wants to do Oncology

5th year student wants to do surgery

5th year student wants to do orthopedics

5th year student wants to do emergency medicine

2nd year student wants to do Cardiology

1st year student still has to decide

1st year Lab Technician


All our students and Rosalind Richards