TCCC Frank's Report 2008 25 March 2017


After the visit by Nchima trust officials last year, the decision was passed that the education funding should also be extended to adults. This is the case because, in this view where adults have realized the importance of education, it may be easy for them to encourage the next generation of the importance of the same. For the first time, the project was carried out in Thyolo district at the Thyolo Community Center, Nchima Trusts’ Ba paper making site. I, Frank Mkhumba the beneficiary of Nchima Trust was the in-charge of the project.
The project was aimed at reducing the illiteracy rate, which is at alarming rate in Malawi. Thyolo district in particular, has a large number of women and men who do not know how to read and write. This is the case because most of them start working in Tea Estates while they are young. The project was also to address problems that women face at hospitals and other public places. In hospitals, women face challenges in reading medical prescriptions, HIV-Aids and related disease prevention messages.
Target group
Duration of the project
February to March 2008
Number of the women who attended the Classes
Project Manager
Janet Hanlon
Project General Evaluation
Firstly, it should be noted that the project received an overwhelming support from the Surrounding community. Men even pushed for their registration. We initially planned to enroll 12 women only but the number doubled in the first week, such that we could not register any more. In my view as the one who was in-charge of the project, the intended objectives and goals were partially achieved. This is the case because nearly 80 percent of the 23 women were able to read and write. During the closing ceremony which was also attend by Janet Hanlon, these women read HIV-Aids posters that were given to them by the Project Manager.
Secondly, because of the response this project received from the community, there is a need of continuation, in other words funding Adult literacy project should continue in other parts of Thyolo and other parts of Malawi.
Despite the fact the most women were able to read and write, they need to be taught for some more time for them to master. Therefore, before embarking on this project elsewhere, these women need to be taught for about five weeks.
There is also a need of looking at ways of motivating them so that they should not be missing classes. As they will be doing advanced work in reading and writing, they also need books to match their level.
My Last words
I appreciate Janet for her effort to ensure the project succeeds. At one time she was sick for two weeks also, but she made sure that the project continues. All workers at Nchima trust Ba paper making also gave me moral support. I am ready to continue with the project if called to do so.
Frank Mkhumba
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