Newsletter No 7 August 2007


Issue No 7 ~ August 2007




Once again its newsletter time and to those of you who have contacted me to say you haven't received a newsletter and would like one, here it is slightly later than usual. Nchima Trust continues to do well. Last year we put all our energies into raising funds to supply ambucycles and fuel saving stoves to needy organisations. So far we have distributed 26 of each and more are on order. The ambucycles have gone to outreach clinics which has now given access to hospital to many more people. Mulanje Mission Hospital to whom we gave 6 of our ambucycles passed them on to birthing attendants at bush clinics giving many more mothers and babies a better start in life as they can now be transported to a clinic or hospital if needed.


Ambucycle project

The fuel saving stoves or Rocket stoves as they are called in Malawi have gone to groups with large feeding programmes. One medium size stove can feed up to 200 people, a huge help to the many orphanages in Malawi. Each stove has two pots each with a fuel box. If only a small amount of food is needed the small pot is used or for a large number the large pot or both for full capacity. The saving on wood, time and effort for the women is huge. Could this be classed as carbon off-setting? If you think so and want to off-set your holiday carbon then please help us buy more stoves. A small stove feeding 100 is £150, a 200 capacity stove is £240 & a 500 capacity stove is £475 (Donate here!)


Moyo House



Four of our six medical students are finishing their studies this year. Our thanks go to Sue & Graham who sponsored them through med school. The medical school has had to start an additional year pre med year for students entering medical school. This is an intensive year aimed at bringing students up to the required standard for entry into medical school. This is not subsidised by the Malawi government and costs £1000 per student. The next four years costs £1200 in total. Many students fall by the wayside as they are unable to find funding. The Trust has funded 6 of this years intake and will then fund them through medical school. This year we have also funded clinical officers who, when trained, will staff bush clinics and have a huge responsibility often working for long hours with very little equipment. Still on the medical side we have lab technicians and nurses.

At Chancellor we have 9 students studying Education, Law, Social Sciences and a profoundly deaf student studying IT. We have one student at NRC studying agriculture, a single mother studying business studies in Lilongwe and Lucy & Matrida Banda training to be teachers. In addition we still have up to 100 secondary school students of which many continue with further education all of whom we try to fund providing the studies fall within our remit.

In the last newsletter I asked if anyone could sponsor recently orphaned Agnes & Phyllis Chiccoti. We quickly received funding for them and I am pleased to report they are doing well in school and living with their grandmother in her village.

Our volunteer helpers in Malawi are increasing. Without these people we couldn't manage. Our main volunteer is Janet Hanlon, helped by Sandra Skene. The Community Centre couldn't function without all the ladies in Thyolo and especially the ladies on Nchima Tea Estate not forgetting Dave Sayward the manager of NTE. His help and input is greatly appreciated. For me, Carol Varndell, who has one of the few broadband connections in Malawi, is invaluable. I scan letters to her and she prints and posts them thus ensuring replies to letters arrive in days instead of snail mail weeks. Finally all our thanks go to you for your support and donations without which we could never achieve all that we do in Malawi.

For those of you doing forward planning and wanting to give an easy and worthwhile Christmas gift. You can make a donation to us on behalf of any other person. In return I will send a personalised Christmas card giving details of their gift from you. You can give to a specific project or just a general donation. If you haven't already filled in a gift aid form and are a tax payer you can increase the value of your gift by 20%. Gift aid forms are here on the web site or I can send you one.



The paper making has now branched out under its own name BaPepa. Janet Hanlon tells me she can sell as many cards and as much paper as they can produce. The site is being expanded and a managers house and a small shop is to be built on the site. Building is due to start in October. It was a big disappointment when after extensive trials not enough water could be found to drill a bore hole. The paper makers take a lot of water, and future gardening and a proposed goat project will also need lots of water. The centre is now going to have to rely on the piped supply which is erratic, and rain water run off.


Contact:- The Nchima Trust, 3 Close House Cottages Knock Cumbria CA16 6DL 017683 62380