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 Rocket Stoves

These are excellent and very efficient, reported Ann Scarborough, having seen one of these stoves in action. The amount of wood they use is minute compared to a conventional way of cooking with three stones and a pot. These stoves are made in Mulanje in southern Malawi and are proving very popular.

The Nchima Trust has bought four of these stoves so far and have all been very well received. One went to Lucy Finch for her clinic in Salima, another to Dr. Elizabeth Molyneux for her carers kitchen attached to the paediatric ward and two further ones to Ann Davidson for her work in out reach villages and the fourth to Margarite Sacranie for work in out reach villages.

Cost is quite expensive if any one would like to contribute towards one of these stoves:-

A small stove will feed a family and costs £41.00

A medium size stove will feed up to 200 people and costs £370.00  

A large stove will feed up to 350 people and costs £478

To the right and below are pictures of the new stoves, and to the left a traditional way of cooking. Note the difference in the amount of wood being used.

Moyo House

 Rocket Stoves









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